Published on Jul 15, 2015
The Real Nasa Documents on the search for a Object with an estimated 500 Year Orbit. Documents reveal that something had disturbed the orbits of the outer planets coming in 200 years ago.

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Comment by cloudwalker on July 27, 2015 at 10:59am

Welcome sister,thanks for the additions,will look at it today.

Comment by Sojourner on July 27, 2015 at 2:07am

Published on Jul 20, 2015

Comet 1770 Lexell incoming. Yellowstone is overheating. Here is the link to today's Blogtalk Radio Show, We broadcast again this Wed. 22nd at 1pm Central.

Comment by Sojourner on July 27, 2015 at 1:57am

Thanks CW for the reminder that we are to be love, as Christ is love.  It's difficult in our human frailty to be ever true to the Spirit and God's grace is ever giving in His Son.  A wise voice has warned "The next 40 days will be very important" and now that is 30. And British politician, novelist, and essayist Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield penned 


Comment by Sojourner on July 27, 2015 at 1:35am

I think this is the article you are speaking of Patti. Sorry, I've been AFK for a few days and doing some catch up.  

Meet the new Neighbor!


So how do you find something in space if there isn’t a bright star nearby to light it up? The answer: heat. The Spitzer telescope studies the infrared light—read heat—given off by objects in space, and recently we found something pretty awesome! We have a new neighbor.

Located only 7.2 light years away from good old Earth, object WISE J085510.83-071442.5 now ranks as the fourth closest object to our solar system. That’s basically across the street.

So just what is our neighbor? Well, that’s kind of hard to say. You see, it’s giving off its own heat with a maximum temperature of around 9 degrees fahrenheit, so its possible that it is a brown dwarf. A brown dwarf is a protostar which failed to gather enough mass to heat up all the way to sustainable fusion. Scientists only discovered the first brown dwarf in 1965, although they are thought to be extremely common. However, scientists have estimated the mass of our new neighbor to be only about 3 to 10 times that of Jupiter, which would make it the smallest and coldest brown dwarf ever discovered. So it’s possible that our new neighbor is actually a gas giant planet which once orbited another star but was then ejected to wander in the dark of interstellar space.

Whoever the new neighbor is, it’s pretty cool that we found him when he wasn’t shining brightly in our night sky. We have to do something about that name, though. WISE J085510.83-071442.5 just doesn’t roll off the tongue. Any ideas?

I think the majority of concern is not only the proximity but the space "debris" coming before and after the crossing of our planets orbit.  We are already seeing a tremendous increase in the presence of asteroids and meteors in our atmosphere.  We should, IMO, consider the comet Rosetta... we have to wonder why they picked this comet of all the comets that come and go to land on.  It's a very real possibility that TPTB are aware of an incoming "problem" and are preparing for the destruction that will follow.  There has to be a reason that Pelosi told members of Congress to keep 30/60 days of food on hand.

and I'd be very interested to know exactly what French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius meant when he said  “And we have – as I said, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos"

Comment by cloudwalker on July 23, 2015 at 12:27pm

LoLoLoL Patty glad to see there is light heartedness in all this.Thanks for the giggle,best thing in the morning! Even better than joe! To get right into it,It has been here before,for sure,although its orbit can be different each time.It is not the largest group of bodies out there,There are objects that are much larger that effect its orbit also.It may not be a large move to the size of the Fathers universe,but to us it can bring changes ,large and small.What really cemented things for me was/Is the destructive times of Noah,when evil abounded in thought, word and deed.The Father had wished then he had not made creation.Reminds me of the world,past and present.I too go back also to the time Of Lot and his family,when Angels came among our species to save only a few from The Firery hell that rained on the earth, the cities of Sodom&Gammorah.Then too was there great destruction.We as sons and daughters must come out of the world and not want to be part of,but we are tied here because the Father wants us here.As Jen said we are truely blessed as a generation to have this as a part of our own personnal experiance.

We must all turn away from it,and stand for love,beauty in creation,but most of all be a part of each other,to love and cherish each other.That means loving and praying even for the ones we abhor.As Paul once said"I'am the chief of sinners",and look what the Father brought to him,and to us through his word.We are blessed and we can as a generation make a world wide change.The problem is Satan,for he circles the camp,always seeking to devour our brothers and sisters.He has his claws into many,for sin is sin to him after all.

Time to close my book now--haha,i blabber on too much.Love &Grace to all the Saints,


Most of what changes our earth is the Sun,earth quakes,terrible storms,and the list goes on,and you can throw the chemtrails,and HARRP on that pile.I really think there is something coming in because our solor system is heating up,and changeing it.This object/object's may not actually heat our solar system,but cause electro-magnitism to stoke the Fire from our own hot star.You can see this from the changing of gases and chemicals on Venus.Venus isn't the only planent that changing.Then again,to prove myself wrong,we have to look into the infra-red spectrum to see this group of objects that (are) hot-heat spectrum proves that and it is screaming at us from the top of their Heavenly Lungs.Of course our part of society is fed the meat of distain,for are we not(according)to the ILLietes of the world even a soul or spirit but a disease,a cancer,a cannon fodder on the chess board of life?

To me anyway you put it,there are changes here,the Spiritual effects the physical,and vice versa in too many ways to tell.

Comment by pattie walkinturtle on July 23, 2015 at 10:02am

so it supposedly passed through our solar system 200 to 500 years ago... nothing in the historical records to depict any devistation... i have read an article about 9 years ago stating that the orbit of planet X is within the boundries of pluto and neptune... barely within our solar system, this would give credence to that article (scholastic magazine, accademic classroom periodical).  by the way..the name of the article and front page was, Meet Our New Neighbor, the 10th planet. if anyone wants to check out the archives for the actual magazine... i have it somewhere packed up...should get it and post, but that would probably take awhile and by the time i find it ...planet X will probably have already made its debut. lol

Comment by Sojourner on July 23, 2015 at 6:50am

Thanks CW!~


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