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At 11:17am on February 9, 2015, Denise S. said…

Thank you ThorAxe, I appreciate the thoughts and prayers and they may be all that is holding me together right now. Peace and love to you and yours, my friend.

At 1:02pm on October 21, 2014, Denise S. said…

Hello Brother! I also apologize for my negligence in losing track of you. Things got pretty messed up, joined some networks, left some others, and here we still are  ; )

It is great to see ya and I hope you and yours have been doing well in the interim. Lots we could catch up on, holler when you can. 

Peace and blessings, 


At 11:59am on October 16, 2013, R1LifeOnEarth said…

Hey...I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. I have been on World Truth and I guess my time should be split between you two. 

Thanks for all the pictures and important info.

Much Love and Light

At 4:56pm on August 29, 2013, Jen said…

Luv your new avatar ThorAxe!

At 11:04am on March 26, 2013, Jen said…

See... now Ive actually red part of those pages and they are ALIVE! OMG!


Extend a hand and shake a paw, Genpets™ are here.

Unpackage your Genpet and unpackage a world of possibilities.


Say Hello to the all New Genpets™ from Bio.Genica!
The Genpets™ are Pre-Packaged, Bioengineered pets implemented today!

That’s right, Genpets are not toys or robots. They are living, breathing genetic animals.

We use a process called "Zygote Micro Injection" which is quickly becoming a favourable method to combine DNA, or to insert certain proteins from different species. Most notably it was used in 1997 to splice mice with bioluminescent jellyfish (link) and has since been used to create glowing rabbits, pigs, fish, and monkeys (link). Since then, human DNA has been injected into rabbits, chimpanzees, spider DNA into sheep, and now, Genpets have arrived!

Read National Geographic's site for more information on human animal hybrids (link).



At 10:24am on March 26, 2013, Jen said…

wow Thoraxe... was just checking out your little alien pets!

WTH are they getting us ready for???


At 7:36pm on May 2, 2012, Jen said…

Hi Thor... Im adding your link back here.. that Group was shifted to a more active one... love the tunes :) 


Full Length Vital Documentaries by NotForSale2NWO's channel

At 8:53pm on March 05, 2012, Jen gave ThorAxe a gift
I've missed talking with you
At 8:49pm on March 5, 2012, Jen said…

Did I tell you I love your music box?  

At 8:09pm on February 25, 2012, Vivian said…

Hi Thor, hope you are doing well.  I drop in here from time to time.  I am doing ok.  I keep seeing different mixtures on sites and saw one recently for one oz. of 35% to 11 oz. distilled water.  Thank you for your recommendation.  Basically, I would like to dilute 35% and use it for spraying vegetables, etc.  But I think the dropper bottle with full-strength peroxide is what I would use in water.  I've seen people say they start out with 1 drop and then a few more after time but that it should be done on an empty stomach.  I need to research this more and I thank you for sending me the protocol again because I couldn't find where I last saw it.  I will re-read it and try to ease into it.  Funny that you say you inhale it because I read somewhere that you shouldn't do this.  So much conflicting info.  You have been doing this for quite some time and you're feeling fine so I guess it is ok.  Maybe whoever was inhaling it wasn't diluting it?  LOL!  That would be a problem!  Ok - thanks again Thor! 

At 5:55pm on February 24, 2012, Vivian said…

Hi Thor!  I was looking for your hydrogen peroxide therapy blog here but couldn't find it.  I just got 35% hydrogen peroxide and will transfer some to a dropper bottle.  For an 8 oz. glass of water, how many drops would be ok?  I am thinking maybe 1 or 2?  Thanks!

At 1:39am on January 23, 2012, phil said…

excellent guitar.i strum a bit,amateur muso style,



At 9:44pm on January 22, 2012, rekamwodiw said…

love good jams!thanks

At 10:32pm on January 16, 2012, LaVerne Marie Swanson said…

Thanks for the welcome! Nice to be here. But there's a lot to see! I'll be learning my way around so be patient with me please.

At 2:41pm on January 14, 2012, Vivian said…

The pics are great!

At 2:40pm on January 14, 2012, Vivian said…

Your page is awesome, Thor!  Love the playlist too!

At 7:15pm on January 12, 2012, David Rathbone said…

thank you for the great welcome!

At 6:55pm on December 29, 2011, Jen said…

At 3:56pm on December 16, 2011, Jen said…

for all you do and the gift too !!!

At 2:04am on October 27, 2011, claris drouet said…

So happy to be here carmine let me know and lead me here and well as we still can chat online we need to come together whereever and when ever we can. I do live in North Italy and so it is hard for me to join the chats, but I will try harder.


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