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August 18 2012

Cairo, Egypt – There has been a great deal of concern, initiated even in the very early days of the Arab Spring, that whatever entity filled the vacuum created by ousted leaders would be, at best, unpredictable.

Of particular concern was the situation in Egypt. That nation is, after all, a formidable force in the region with a large military and a relatively educated populace. They are also essential, owing to their strong ties to the West and the United States particularly, to peace in the Middle East and North Africa. A power vacuum in that nation, it was believed, could create real trouble for the world.

Those fears were amplified when it stated to become clear that it was the Muslim Brotherhood that was the most likely candidate to fill the vacated seat of power. With strong influence and a diverse political infrastructure they seemed primed for success, and that is what they have had, winning the election and sitting a President. Now, though, it seems that the greatest concerns of the West have started to come true as the more radical elements within that group start to take hold and finally begin the mass murderer and crucifixions many people just assumed they were going to do from the very beginning.

Those acts were apparently committed by a mob of zealots attacking people who opposed President Morsi, though such activities have had, at best, limited confirmations and are not believed to be official government policy.

It’s not clear if Coptic Christians who make up a significant portion of the population will be next on the cross which of course would actually be historically pretty sound.

Conservative critics of Egypt have essentially tried and convicted the government for the actions of a few and are of course warning that Egypt could end up like Nazi Germany, though likely without all the conquering.

“There are always going to be radical elements in any country and in one like Egypt which is just emerging from decades of dictatorship and really doesn’t have the language or experience to behave like civilized people that type of behaviour is going to be amplified but it doesn’t mean that the sky is falling,” said Scrape TV International analyst Gustav Hander. “It doesn’t mean it isn’t either. This could well be that this is a beginning of a new Holocaust that will see millions dead by the end unless of course the world gets involved and removes the unholy and maniacal dictators in charge. Remember, Hitler was elected to power as well.”

Mohammed Morsi is not believed to be like Hitler, well, not exactly like Hitler anyways.

“Obviously we don’t want something like that to happen again. I would doubt there even President Obama would want to see a new Holocaust happen, at least not under his watch. Who knows, it might happen, it might not but right now it’s hard to see clearly where things will land. Mass murder on that scale is notoriously hard to predict,” continued Hander. “If we start to see signs of it, and I don’t think these crucifixions are signs of that, then we do need to be concerned and of course the world should start a war to prevent it but war isn’t something you just do because of something someone might do. It’s way too expensive for that.”

No one has apparently discussed the crucifixions with Morsi because it’s not clear they actually happened.

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