As you watch this use your imagination. while doing that, imagine the violence and riots are happening here, think about that, and then look how "rowdy" the protestors have been here. They are not throwing Molotov cocktails or shooting, they have not been tear gassing the police. Yet, the police use devices here like sound cannons, pepper spray, rubber bullets, billy clubs, stun guns, and physical violence because people are not obeying them?. There are some elements of the protest in different places that i do not agree with. But most of you know my thoughts on that perhaps. We have the right to protest a corrupt government. IT IS LAW, the law the judicial system goes by anyway.

When the judicial branch finds a crack or crevice or slice of an opening in something that will further their control over the population they take advantage of it through mostly legal mumbo jumbo and opinion. On FOX, Megyn Kelly suggested that perhaps students were protesting illegally. ... 58156.html  I for one beg to differ. Protesting is NEVER illegal. It is one of those rights, that not only naturally come to us naturally, but throughout the constitution. The right to the people to rise up and protest a corrupt government.If the protest is on private property, trespassing is illegal, but not protesting.

Some I am aware, do not support the constitution and that is their right as well. If per chance, one reading does not, then rather pick the constitution apart, cry about how it does not apply to everyone and how it is not important, then by all means please submit ideas as to a better and more proficient answer to a basis for society and for the assurance that government does not rule the people, but works for the people of our nation and others. Many can speak against the Constitution of the United States, it would be interesting to see some valid, logical ideas on how to structure government, do away with it or to introduce new methods that support a better way of governance.

The second video, is from The Pro Say Help Desk. I do not agree that our rights come from a constitution, I believe as the constitution says "our rights are inherent"  . This is a really good video and well worth watching. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

The uprising in Egypt is a very real look at what can happen in a strict police state where people rights and property are constantly threatened and military powers over the people of their own country incite hostility and oppression.

The OWS protestors, for whatever each individuals reasons have in the most part been non-violent. With the exception that the environment, when combined with many different personal outlooks, "the extremist" which simply know no other way of showing their frustration, and the pressures from a military style policing not there to protect but to control, is going to create tension in which any logically thinking person would be able to predict.

I have a challenge to every member in any group that defends and debates the constitution.. Read the Constitution, Read the federal reserve bill of 1913, read the Magna Carta( reading the constitution and the magna carta will click as you read) and the Bill of rights. Do not debate what it says, state for fact what it says. If one wants to interpret it then, let it be up for discussion or debate. The constitution is actually not as vague as the government would try to make people believe.

I am aware that many of you have read these documents. It just makes sense, to learn the grounds on which our government was built. Whether one supports the constitution or not, to fully understand where we need to be, we need to understand how we got to where we are. Once these documents become embedded in our minds the better we can understand just how twisted our culture has become through media propaganda, A corporate crony capitalist educational system that focuses more on control and conditioning than learning, and the actions of lobbyist,elite the War machine and the illegality of the Patriot Act.

Jerry E. Davis Nov. 24th, 2011

The following movie is really worth watching as well. it says a lot of current situations in our society.!

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Comment by jethro654 on November 28, 2011 at 7:00pm

Thank you Cherokeeprayer I thought it was pretty awesome too. :)


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