White House Forced to Confront State Petitions to Secede?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Joe Wright
Activist Post
The White House website has been bombarded with petitions that have mushroomed to 31 states moving to secede. The first petition came in from Louisiana the day after Obama's re-election, and since then a chorus of others have issued their grievances.

Now, under White House rules stated in its "We the People" program, if 25,000 people sign on by December 7th, a response must be issued. Just a few days after submitting, that number has been reached by the petitions from Texas and Louisiana -- with Texas at well over 60,000.

The following states are close behind:

South Carolina, 13,888
Arkansas, 13,207
Georgia, 17,807
Tennessee, 17, 356
Colorado, 13,171
Alabama, 17,897
Florida, 19,135
North Carolina, 16,794 (Source)

Will the White House respond, or ignore the will of the people as it routinely does on the issues that matter most? One Florida resident is making national news; former Navy serviceman, Philip Hoezel, who turned his flag upside down in protest on Veterans Day.

While his neighbors berated him for the blasphemy, and for "hurting a lot of people's feelings;" as a Navy man he would know that the traditional significance of the upside-down flag is to indicate a ship in its final moments of severe distress before it sinks -- a ship of state, for instance. It is a form of peaceful protest that is increasing in numbers and is a statement as symbolic as these petitions.

You can find all open petitions here, along with updated numbers.

@ActivistPost.com http://www.activistpost.com/2012/11/white-house-forced-to-confront-...

Published on Nov 11, 2012 by Kevin Allan
Sorry for the oversight the number is actually 16 not 15
As of 12:46 am, Sunday, signatures obtained by Louisiana, 7,358; Texas, 3,771; Florida, 636; Georgia, 475; Alabama, 834; North Carolina, 792; Kentucky, 467; Mississippi, 475; Indiana, 449; North Dakota, 162; Montana, 440; Colorado, 324; Oregon, 328; New Jersey, 301 and New York, 169. Many more States are expected to follow.



























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Comment by Byron W on November 18, 2012 at 2:29pm

Damn Paul that was as depressing as my poison rant earlier.

Comment by Wolfgang on November 18, 2012 at 1:15pm

Weekend Edition
October 20 / 22, 2006

Hideout or Water Raid?
Bush's Paraguay Land Grab
By CP News Wire

Asuncion, Paraguay.

The land grab project of U.S. President George W. Bush in Chaco, Paraguay, has generated considerable discomfort both politically and environmentally.

The news circulating the continent about plans to buy 98,840 acres of land in Chaco, Paraguay, near the Triple Frontier (Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay) is the talk of the town in these countries.

Although official sources have not

the information that is already public, the land is reportedly located in Paso de Patria, near Bolivian gas reserves and the Guarani indigenous water region, within the Triple Border.

Alto Paraguay Gov. Erasmo Rodriguez Acosta revealed he heard that part of the land purchase consists of an ecological reserve (Fundacion Patria), with which Bush is affiliated.

In its interview with Rodriguez Acosta, neike.com.py reported that he does not have documentation of this affiliation and it could not communicate either with the foundation or with the National Rural Development and Land Institute, in charge of these state lands.

Concern increased last week with the arrival of Bush's daughter, Jenna, and a source from the Physical Planning Department saying that most of the Chaco region belongs to private companies.

Luis D'Elia, Argentina´s undersecretary for Land for Social Habitat, says the matter raises regional concern because it threatens local natural resources.

He termed it "surprising" that the Bush family is trying to settle a few short miles from the US Mariscal Estigarribia Military Base.

Argentinean Adolfo Perez Esquivel warned that the real war will be fought not for oil, but for water, and recalled that Acuifero Guaraní is one of the largest underground water reserves in South America, running beneath Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay (larger than Texas and California together).

"The southern U.S. states are already struggling with water shortages," asserted the 1980 Nobel Peace Prizewinner.

Orlando Castillo, Paraguay Peace and Justice Service member, recalled the US military buildup in Chaco under a bilateral agreement.

This article originally appeared in Prensa Latina.

It is his way of "Investing in the American Economy".

I've been researching this and have gone over several web threads. Bush officially denies the land purchase but there is a lot of smoke and initial frrom Brazil and Paraguay. Also the key to the connection is Rev. Sun Moon. It appears as of 2008 Rev. Moon owns over 1.5 million acres on the Brazil side of the Paraguay Border and 1.5 Million acres on the Paraguay side.
Recent trips to Paraguay/ Brazil have been made by Jenna Bush and Neil Bush.
Recent meetings with HW Bush and Rev. Moon

Anyone know principles in Pantera Petroleum ? (Corp HQ Austin, TX)

Here is some of the info with links:
Bush's and  Moonies in Paraguay:

Moon 1.5 million acres Brazil (on paraguay border) + 1.5 Million acres Paraguay (on Brazil's Border)

Bush 100,000 acres ? (Bush officially denies .gov web site)

Thursday, 28 February, 2002, 23:56 GMT :


Brazil probes Moonie land purchases

The authorities in Brazil are investigating the purchase of vast estates close to its border with Paraguay by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.
The area is notorious for smuggling and money laundering and Brazil's authorities are worried about a foreigner owning so much land in a border region.
Since the mid-1990's, the Reverend Moon's Unification Church has been buying up land both in Brazil and in Paraguay.

It now owns some two million acres in Brazil, a vast tract of farmland which has been called "New Hope Ranch."

The church has also bought large estates, and even a small town, across the border in Paraguay.

Much of the land in Brazil was paid for in cash and the authorities are now investigating possible tax evasion and illegal currency transactions.

July 18, 2005 :


CHACO REGION, Paraguay – Foreigners have long owned Puerto Casado, a town in Paraguay's arid Chaco region. First it was an Argentine businessman and now it's a self-proclaimed South Korean messiah: the Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Villagers say Moon's 1.48 million-acre property is the largest unproductive estate in Paraguay, where a privileged few own much of the land.

The Unification Church's intentions have been questioned elsewhere. It has bought property on both sides of the Brazil-Paraguay border, and Brazil has investigated Moon disciples over money-laundering and tax-evasion allegations.

Oct 13, 2006


Buenos Aires, Oct 13 (Prensa Latina) An Argentine official regarded the intention of the George W. Bush family to settle on the Acuifero Guarani (Paraguay) as surprising, besides being a bad signal for the governments of the region.

Oct. 19, 2006


Russian are reporting today that the American President’s daughter, Jenna Bush, has secured on behalf of her father, the American President, and the Bush Family, the purchase of nearly 100,000 acres of land in the South American Nation of Paraguay, and which is also confirmed by the Latin American News Service, and as we can read as reported in their article titled "Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay"

"An Argentine official regarded the intention of the George W. Bush family to settle on the Acuifero Guarani (Paraguay) as surprising, besides being a bad signal for the governments of the region. Luis D Elia, undersecretary for the Social Habitat in the Argentine Federal Planning Ministry, issued a memo partially reproduced by digital INFOBAE.com, in which he spoke of the purchase by Bush of a 98,842-acre farm in northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia."

The American President’s daughter had used the cover of a United Nations group to ‘cover’ her mission to Paraguay to arrange this massive land purchase, and as we can see confirmed by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Jenna Bush joins UNICEF program in Paraguay"

February 29, 2008:

Neil Bush, younger brother of U.S. President George W. Bush, called on Paraguay's president as the guest of a business federation founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

March 31st, 2008:


Getty Images captioned the photo: “5 days ago: Neil Bush (C), younger brother of US President George W. Bush, leaves the presidential palace after a meeting with Paraguayan President Nicaron Duarte in Asuncion, on February 28, 2008. Bush is in Paraguay with a delegation of the Federation for Universal Peace, headed by South Korean reverend Sun Myung Moon.”

One veteran Moon watcher filled in the blanks for Talk2Action:

From left to right, the first person is Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, the Secretary General of UPF;

Second from the left is Antonio Betancourt, a “long time Moon follower” who currently is the Director of Government Relations of UPF International and “Character Education,” and who was a major player in “what was formerly called the Summit Council for World Peace or Summit Council, …a group active in Moon’s effort to unite North and South Korea, to save the ‘Fatherland’ and to form Moon’s sovereign nation”;

Third from the left is Chang Shik Yang, the Continental Director of the Unification Church now called the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). Yang “played a lead role in the development of Moon’s black minister snagging unit, the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), and also is Moon’s top man in the Middle East.”

Fourth is Neil Bush;

On the far right is Larry Moffitt who is the Vice President of editorial operations for United Press International (UPI), a news service owned and operated by Rev. Moon.

A presidential press office source, who spoke on condition of not being named, confirmed the younger Bush met President Nicanor Duarte on Thursday along with a delegation from the Universal Peace Federation, a group associated with Moon.

May 6, 2008:


The Moonies have just trumpeted the latest delegation of their dreaded leader, Sun Myung Moon, to the Bush presidential library in College Station, TX. The occasion: a statesmanlike party Moon was throwing in D.C., from April 28 to May 2, 2008, celebrating his dreams of influencing world events and burying Jesus Christ.

May 17, 2006

About two weeks ago Moon made the latest of a long series of appearances with former President George H.W. Bush — this time at the Bush Presidential Library in College Station.
And as reported here two years ago, the Washington Times Foundation (Moon is founder and owner of the Times) covertly donated at least $1 million to the Bush Library.

Chaco Paraguay Resources:


An Argentine official regarded the intention of the George W. Bush family to settle on the Acuifero Guarani (Paraguay) as surprising, besides being a bad signal for the governments of the region.

The Governor of Alto Paraguay, Erasmo Rodríguez Acosta has admitted to hearing that George Bush Sr. owns land in the Chaco region of Paraguay, in Paso de Patria. Acosta says that rumor has it that Bush owns near to 70 thousand hectares (173,000 acres) as part of an ecological reserve and/or ranch. However, the governor said he had no documents to prove the rumor. Acosta said that some stories credited the land to the Fundación Patria, which Bush would be a member of.

He termed it “surprising” that the Bush family is trying to settle a few short miles from the US Mariscal Estigarribia Military Base.


Why might the president and his family need a 98,840-acre ranch in Paraguay protected by a semi-secret U.S. military base manned by American troops who have been exempted from war-crimes prosecution by the Paraguyan government?


Pantera Petroleum, Inc. is a publicly traded oil and gas exploration company (NASDAQ OTC BB: PTPE) headquartered in Austin, TX with operations in Midland, TX, Pecos County, TX, and Asuncion, Paraguay.

Pantera Petroleum, Inc is a publicly traded oil and gas exploration company (NASDAQ OTC BB. PTPE) headquartered in Austin, Tx with operations in Asuncion, Paraguay. In South America, Pantera has rights to an 85% stake in five concessions representing 3,872,000 acres, or 6,050 square miles (roughly the size of Kuwait), in Paraguay in a well established hydrocarbon area, named the CHACO BASIN.

Some Facts:

- CHACO reserves in Bolivia and Argentina estimated to be 73TCF gas and 1.9 billion barrels of oil in 128 fields
- Prolific Chaco Basin extends into Paraguay
- Paraguay is vastly under-explored - only 27 wells explored
- Pantera's concessions have potential reserves of 6.7TCFE gas or 1.1 billion barrels of oil
- 6 well exploration program projected
- 50% chance of finding developable fields of 170 BCF or 8MM BO or more
- Brazil and Argentina demand expanding
- Attractive economy

Go George go.

Americans "hate" him. America is going down soon.

I wouldn't blame him for leaving,He knows something is about to happen here.

Explain to me why he would stay?

I would leave to if I had the chance.

BTW most of congress now have duel citizenship because they want to be ready to flee from America

Comment by Wolfgang on November 18, 2012 at 1:11pm

STICK TO THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS TO A- T . SHORT TERMS - NOT CAREERS! NO SPECIAL TREATMENT IN ANY SHAPE! , WAY OR FORM! MUST VOLUNTEER  NO PAY AND FEDERAL CRIME TO BE A LOBBYIST! NO CORPORATE MONEY! NO OUTSIDE INFLUENCE! STRAIGHT POPULATION  VOTE. MUST HAVE THREE TO FOUR PARTIES. NOT THE SAME TWO. THEY ARE THE SAME. SPEND SEVERAL MILLIONS FOR A 250 K A YEAR JOB? 6 DEBATES No Monitors. No fore knowledge of Questions. I have seen those that reps   that run around and hit the vote button for those who don't bother to show up. THAT IS FEDERAL FRAUD !  MUST END THE FED. and all agencies that are represented by letters only. Legalize POT  and all it's uses. A GREAT MEDICINE ! Only slow down is the government does not know who to tax it.  Hoe many names does the gov already have trade marks on?  ORGANIZE RELIGION IS MIND CONTROL ! FACE IT. I am not saying there is not a source of all,  but the lies are killers. Different Governments are mind control. Only reason we are in Afghanistan is for the 3 billion tons of lithium found.  I believe is Brazil or some other large country the BUSHES and other bout  the land the size of TEXAS  and wish to place their own government and laws in it.  Policed  by Black Water.  People are up in arms about it. To the supreme court. http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=32569.0;wap2

Comment by Byron W on November 18, 2012 at 12:10pm

Here is the petition link to show where your state is with signatures  http://rtr.org/pages/Tracking-Secession

Comment by Byron W on November 18, 2012 at 12:03pm

 I really feel that this is just a wake up call for the politicians to realize the peope are waking and do not want to be controlled by potbellied pedophiles anymore. There is almost no hope for mankind if we do not do something very soon. TPTB have taken what they want and not been punished, they can poison us and we can't stop them " prop 37 "  Your grand children owe 50,000 dollars before there born. The American Dream is a Nightmare. I personally think we have a better chance surviving Planet X than we do cleaning up the radiation, chem trails. Roundup, vaccines, fluoride and all the poisons dumped into our food . Half the children born have respiratory problems. Diabetes has doubled since 2000, 1 out of 110 children get autism, 1 of 2 people get cancer, Antibiotics are becoming useless.Depleted uranium from Iraq in in CA. Radiation from Fukushima is all over the world and they turn off the detectors. TV tells us everything is OK. we just had 9 earthquakes in 8 days over 6.0  that has never happened before and not a mention by media. Hilary and Barrack signed the UN gun treaty while man made Hurricane Sandy was hitting the N E. If we don't do something we will be guaranteed to get nothing. Now that the anointed one was reelected things are moving at break-neck speed the petitions arrived not a minute too late to slow our enslavement down. 

Comment by Sojourner on November 18, 2012 at 11:36am

TY Wolfgang.. i added the full video below.. hope you dont mind?

Also ty for the reminder.  I'd actually set this in for one of our Popcorn & Movie nights but it played after I'd fallen asleep without seeing it all.  If you are interested and haven't found it yet here are the 

Popcorn & Movie (P&M) Night Archives

Comment by Wolfgang on November 18, 2012 at 11:18am

I know that I just do not TRUST the puppet Master. Ever see the true story behind the wizard of OZ?  Make us responsible for destroying the two most important document in this country.   Both male and female blood line are conect in our Presidency.  Now that is strange  but it also goes over seas.

Comment by Sojourner on November 18, 2012 at 10:52am

and I agree Wolfgang.. what plans are in place?  Is this to become a lot of rouge cowboy law states?

Comment by Sojourner on November 18, 2012 at 10:47am

Some say that by secession we lose all coverage and rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights and will make ourselves vulnerable to the exportation and stripping of everything we have here?

Comment by Wolfgang on November 18, 2012 at 10:43am

DO NOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THE CONSTITUTIONS OR BILL OF RIGHTS!  Could not end the FED so they started their own countries.


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