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Soldier Pleads Guilty in WikiLeaks Case


Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of the largest-ever leak of classified U.S. documents, pleaded guilty Thursday to several criminal counts, admitting he provided documents to the website WikiLeaks. But he continues to fight the most serious accusations he faces, including aiding the enemy.



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BREAKING: Pope Benedict Trial to be Broadcast on American TV

Published on Feb 28, 2013

WOW is all I can say. Subscribe LINKS: http://itccs.org/ FLIER for Distribution: …


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Disabled Veterans Benefits


Published on Feb 28,…


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DHS official to resign after hundreds of illegal immigrants released from jails

A leading official with the United States Department of Homeland Security has resigned after it was revealed earlier in the week that the DHS ordered the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants detained in US jails.

Gary Mead, the executive associate director for the Homeland Security Department’s immigration enforcement and removal operations, told colleagues this week that he will…


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Rape victim might be expelled from university for speaking out against attacker

An American college student is facing expulsion for publicly speaking out about being raped – even though she never once mentioned the name of her alleged attacker.

Landen Gambill, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina, said the university sent her an e-mail informing her that she was being charged with an Honor Code violation for “intimidating” her alleged rapist by speaking…


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New York man dies in police custody, family suspects he was killed(GRAPHIC PHOTO!)

The family of a Western New York man who died after being stun with a Taser gun while in police custody plans to sue over the ideal.

The estate of Richard Metcalf tells WIVB News that they have filed a notice of claim against Erie County and the Depew, New York Police Department. Metcalf, 35, died in November after suffering a massive heart attack while in the custody of the Erie County…


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Fracking lobbyists try to 'withdraw' fraudulent, failed petition

After a petition urging Colorado officials to allow fracking was voted down, an ugly truth emerged: most of the signatories didn’t know their names were on the paper. The lobbyists behind the bid are now trying to remove the petition from public record.

The petition was filed by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) and signed by 55 local business owner in the Fort Collins area. Or…


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Austerity USA

Austerity USA begins March 1st: Bipartisan project to impoverish the American people


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Maldives teen faces 100 lashes for fornication

The Maldives government has said its hands are tied in the case of a 15-year-old girl sentenced to 100 lashes and eight months house arrest for engaging in premarital sex.

The registrar for the Juvenile Court confirmed Wednesday that the sentence had been imposed Tuesday, after the girl confessed during a court hearing to the charge of fornication.…


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Kerry 'mistaken' if thinks that he pushes Syrian rebels towards dialogue(VIDEO)


“By giving them even more political recognition and promising more support on the count he will push them for a better readiness for a dialogue - he is definitely mistaken,” editor-in-chief of the 'Syria Tribune' online magazine, Dr Ali Mohamad told RT.

They need to hear it very loudly and clearly, that ‘a…


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Shell suspends Arctic drilling for 2013

After spending over $5 billion on its offshore Alaska operations, oil major Royal Dutch Shell says it has put Arctic drilling on ‘pause’. Last year two serious drilling rig accidents slowed the company's operations in the area.

Shell announced on Wednesday it will temporarily abandon efforts in Alaska’s Beaufort and Chuckchi Seas.…


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'Benedict left pedophilia unaddressed, victims still suffering'(VIDEO)


There is little hope that even with Pope Benedict XVI stepping down, the Catholic Church will see an end to high-profile pedophile scandals. All Catholic clergy are culpable, David Lorenz of a priest abuse survivor network told RT.

Nothing has been done by the current pope to support the victims of pedophile…


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UK Border Agency ‘embarrassment to the government’(VIDEO)


The British public is ready to accept asylum-seekers who "bring value" to society, not those who only want to reap social-welfare benefits, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz MP told RT.

Vaz also said that problems within the UK Border Agency are wreaking havoc among the country's immigrant…


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Scientist presents 'invisibility cloak' in California (VIDEO)

At a US tech conference, a scientist unveiled a small ‘invisibility cloak’ that causes objects behind it to mysteriously ‘disappear’ – similar to the magic garment worn by Harry Potter at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The device more closely resembles a small box than a cloak, but makes objects behind it appear to completely vanish. Using science to bend light around an…


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Cop found not guilty of assault despite video proof(VIDEO AT SOURCE)


A former police officer fired for hitting a woman in the face says he wants his job back after a judge acquitted him this week of charges related to the beating.

Municipal Judge Patrick Dugan ruled on Tuesday that Jonathan Josey, an ex-cop let go from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania police department…


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APOD 2.28.2013

2013 February 28 

See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

Snow Moon for a Snowy Planet 

Image Credit & CopyrightGöran Strand

Explanation: The alarmingly tall inhabitants of this small, snowy…


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Saturns Hexagon


Here are the FeedBlitz blog updates for demtb@yahoo.com

10 new stories for 2013/02/28…


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Biden Teaches Women How to Be Crime Victims

Published on Feb 28, 2013

ABC defends editing Michelle Obama's 'automatic weapon' claim


(Biden Video clip on female self-defense:…


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Inflation, Taxes and More Coming Soon

Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.— Chairman Mao Zedong (The Little Red Book, 1964)

Ed Bugos

Activist Post

I don’t think anyone can truly understand the idea of freedom without understanding why a shrinking…


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Crackdown on smoking: Putin signs radical anti-tobacco bill into law

President Putin has approved the bill that will gradually outlaw smoking in most of Russia’s public places, ban tobacco advertising and impose restrictions on the sale of cigarettes.

The first of the anti-tobacco measures listed in the anti-smoking law (officially named ‘On protection of citizens’ health from tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption’) will be introduced from…


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