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Emergency Nuclear Shutdown in Illinois, January 30, 2012

I ran across this linked info earlier:

Emergency Shutdown at Illinois Nuclear Reactor, Steam Containing Ra...


January 30, 2012

UPDATE: Nuke Plant Spokeswoman: “Smoke was seen coming from an auxiliary transformer but the fire department found no fire” -Reuters

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Possible Blowing Up Nuclear Plants Iran will Backfire+WW3 NWO Depopulation Agenda? US-Bill

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~credits video: …


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Talk to Al Jazeera - Arianna Huffington: Beyond left and right

Uploaded by on Jan 28, 2012

The co-founder of The Huffington Post on why the old concept of the political left and right marginalises…


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Obama and Warren Buffett Launch WWIII (3/3)

Added by Carmine on January 28, 2012 at 1:27pm — 2 Comments

Can foreign gangsters bulldoze your family home without warning and get away with it? Veteran''s Today

And then do the same to all your neighbours?


by Stuart Littlewood


There can be few things more despicable than robbing a family of their home then destroying it in front of their eyes. But this is Israeli policy.…


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Barak: World must act against Iran before it’s too late

Defense Minister says Iran is soon reaching a point where even a ‘surgical’ military strike could not block it from acquiring nuclear arms.


Defense Minister Ehud…


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Active duty cop: ‘The war on drugs is a war on people’

By Stephen C. Webster

Friday, January 27, 2012

Two New York City police officers arrest a man during the "Occupy Wall Street" protests. Photo: Flickr user anjanjanj.

Speaking to Raw Story recently, an active duty police officer who asked not to be named threw down the gauntlet over the part of his job he hates most: the drug war.

“I did not get in law enforcement…


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Synagogue in Cali Sues Mel Gibson For For Reparations

California Jews Shake Down Mel Gibson For Reparations

by Keith Johnson

Does it ever end? Get a load of…


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By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD.

January 27, 2012


While the States were considering ratifying the Constitution, James Madison describes a prophetic ‘gathering storm’, doomsday scenario for the United States. However, his description was…


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By Paul McGuire

24, 2012


What would happen if a nuclear blast went off in just one American City? Let’s look at the results of a nuclear explosion released by…


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Whether or not a war will actually erupt, it is essential to look at the powerful forces that lay the groundwork for such a conflagration.

by Sara Flounders

Global Research, January 21, 2012

There is growing apprehension that through miscalculation, deliberate provocation or a staged false flag operation, a U.S. war with Iran is imminent.

The dangerous combination of top U.S. officials’ public threats, the Pentagon’s massive military deployment, continued drone flights and industrial sabotage…


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Army report: Suicide rate sets record; alcohol abuse up 54 percent

Christian Science Monitor

The suicide rate among active-duty soldiers hit an all-time high in 2011. But there are signs that rates among reservists and members of the National Guard are stabilizing after years of steady…

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Newt Gingrich? Really?

Chuck Baldwin

Last weekend, Republican voters in South Carolina picked the candidate they want to be the GOP standard bearer for the November elections: Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich? Really? What did I miss? Or better, what did Republican voters in South Carolina miss?

What is not lost to virtually everyone who understands national politics is the fact that there is perhaps no State in the union where evangelical Christians have more influence within the State…


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Us government gives millions to corporations with no strings attached

Uploaded by on Jan 27, 2012

The Whirlpool Corporation is one of hundreds of businesses that get millions in grants from the US government. They money is supposed to help the people in the community get out of financial woes. Whirlpool has outsourced jobs that were once in…


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What is ACTA?

Uploaded by on Jan 27, 2012

What is ACTA? It is Big Brother censorship at it's core. You might not care until it effects you. Unconstitutional? It is a treaty, so it will overrule national law. Bye-bye First Amendment, better…


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Obama Accused of Contempt of Court in ‘Birther’ Hearing

Secretary of State warns Obama – miss hearing “at your own peril”

Paul Joseph Watson


Friday, January 27, 2012

President Barack Obama was accused by prosecution lawyers of being in contempt of court after failing to show up for a ‘birther’ hearing in Georgia that seeks to establish whether he is eligible to appear on the state ballot in November.…


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The truth behind the great H1N1 scandal and why the majority of health care professionals didn’t want to take it.

By David Noble

In April 2009, the first case of swine influenza in humans was reported in Mexico. Two months later, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared it a pandemic. This was the start of a scandal…


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EXCLUSIVE: New Scheduled “Drills” Detected – Military / Cops in LA, Inside Info

January 25, 2012 by Jack Blood 

 By Jack Blood



Second Amendment – Militia (United States), Sovereign state, Right to keep and bear arms.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear…


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Two brave policemen shoot 43-year-old woman in the back with tasers

Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post

Over the last few…

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