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I have been heading into the Rabbit Hole for a few years but my journey began much farther back.  It hasn't been entirely pleasant or unpleasant but I have learned and seen more of the hidden agenda than I ever wanted to.  There are horrible realities among us that most cannot acknowledge... let alone fathom.  As a whole we are selfish and care little and think less of the world suffering around us.

I began studying the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible with the Strong's Concordance in my early 20's after running across a pamphlet at work that spoke of the Mark of the Beast, The One World Order and the pestilence/times of turmoil (Wrath) to come upon the earth.   Page 2 of the pamphlet listed a few verses in the KJV that spoke of those things in prophecy.   After years of study in the Word I began attending church where I found confusion and division in religions/theology, as they try to justify changes they made to the Word ... the readings and understanding ...

During and after the Reformation they began using the printed Word in common languages as opposed to the Latin, which had  previously been enforced by the world of organized religion.  The printing press developed sometime before 1450 AD by JoHann Gutenberg was instrumental to the spread the "printed" Word of by the separate writings that traveled around the world until they were collected and pulled into one writing under King James 1611.  Since 1611 and the ability of the "common" man the organized religions have been changing the translations to confuse once again those that seek the Truth of God.

In 1995 I saw a clip on TV of John McManus speaking to the John Birch Society (video linked here) discussing the war being waged in our Congress and the U.N. to take away America's firearms.  It discussed a questionnaire being given to our new military recruits asking them how they would feel about firing upon American citizens that refuse to give them up.  

 I'd spent years waiting for these changes to start but life events and cares lulled me to a sleep while for more to wake up.  In 2009 I joined JBS and started finding out how very much the prophecies in the KJV  have progressed against mankind. 

After opening the youtube channel at  I started this blog in September 2011.  We had our first Popcorn and Movie Topic Night (P&M) to commemorate the 9/11 horror which turned into a 26 hour Marathon.   

It has been an amazing few years but nothing compared to the changes, the Legislation, the Control, the destruction of countries and lives around the globe. There is no way one person can keep up with it all... absorb it all or share it all.  And the fact that so few are paying attention is a HUGE distraction.

I am thankful we have the ability to maintain sites like this.  I've met like-minded people all over the world that do share the same concerns and the perspectives from their POV... to say the few is only comparing us to the vast numbers of the distracted out there.

We need to get our hearts ready for what is coming and the memories of friendship and smiles will help so much!

Stay close and stay safe stay faithful to the Truth.

From a friend:

I think it captures the inner sadness I feel at all I see around me. Peace and may the Lord watch over you and yours in the days ahead and beyond. Always...

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At 10:21pm on June 8, 2017, Byron W said…

I have so many things going on right now I am losing track of time also, I will try the coconut oil in the AM Thanks

At 10:56am on June 7, 2017, Byron W said…

There was a problem with a wire puncturing an artery and they had to stop, what a let down that was I am not sure if we are going to try it again or go for open heart. I won't know until the 16th. 

At 8:24pm on June 1, 2017, Byron W said…

I got a pre warning that I may have  a heart attack or stroke so all should come out fine thanks for the good thoughts.

At 10:25am on June 1, 2017, Byron W said…

I have to agree with the disgusting world around us. My health just went down hill and am having stints put in on Monday I hope it works because I do not want to be months in recovery  with what the economy is acting like. When a country gets to the point where it does not collect enough taxes to pay medicare and Social security there is probably no going back up from here.

At 8:59pm on May 31, 2017, Byron W said…

Is everything OK

At 2:19pm on February 28, 2017, Wormhole said…

howdy there jen,how do you like my dog lol

At 11:42am on February 20, 2017, Bruce Swartz said…

It's a pleasure yes keeping busy. Now viewing that wonderful Moon in Vivid color. Working hard to get them out. Thanks and have an amazing day!

At 3:57pm on January 10, 2017, Denise Rose said…

Thanks, Jen, nice to be back. How have you been?

At 8:26pm on December 23, 2016, Joy said…


Hope all is going well for you. Your new pic with puppy is freaking adorable! Have a wonderful Christmas my dear. ((hugs)) much love♥

Image result for merry christmas gif

At 2:38pm on December 23, 2016, Wormhole said…

Hey Jen i am back haha,my computer was downt for few days,i tryed to install Linux but didnt make it and i got back to windovs but had to do sistem restore,so i lost all passwords lol,so i abandoned old e mail adress and created new one...which is not to bad,becouse on old e mail adress i had almost 10 000 e mails lol.sory i didnt get that e mail you send me.



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You'll find the information and documentary studies in our  Popcorn & Movie Topic Night Archives

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