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  • Music, Smiles and things to make life easier

    28 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    We encounter so much that is wrong today, so much that brings heartache, sadness and anger.  Let's balance that with links and or music,…


    35 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    UFO´s, Aliens and Space but this isn't just about what is out there... Feel free to post videos and discussions anything related to this…

  • Chemtrails - Toxic Skies!!!

    37 members Latest Activity: Oct 30

    Our Sky's Are Toxic, Loaded With Chemicals And Toxins,Help Expose The Truth!!

    Check out the…

  • Living Off The Grid

    26 members Latest Activity: Mar 10

    A group for cross training and gaining (new) creative techniques for living off the grid, from underground housing and rain barrel constructions,…

  • The White Rose, before and after

    14 members Latest Activity: Nov 7

    We know this resistance to control is no longer just about Germany...  just about Russia... just about the United States or any one Nation…

  • Other Site's News, links and info

    21 members Latest Activity: Jul 15

    At a time when America desperately needs to come together, we are becoming more divided than ever.…

  • Natural & Herbal Medicines

    31 members Latest Activity: Oct 19

    We have been so deceived by the gov and controlled academia about the benefits and cures for all that ails us!

    Let us Fight Back with truth…

  • Recipes

    24 members Latest Activity: Dec 12, 2013

    Share your favorites!  Help us eat well!! Please keep it healthy. 


  • Faith Under Fire

    16 members Latest Activity: Sep 15

    I put this here as a reminder to me as well...

    Ephesians 6:11-13

    King James…

  • Beyond Prophecy

    9 members Latest Activity: Oct 25 Extreme Earth Changes - A SITUATIONAL AWARENESS INITIATIVE... Solar ~ Terrestrial ~ Socioeconomic ~ Political.


    41 members Latest Activity: Nov 11

    What do Vaccines, GMO, fluoride, Aspartame and sugar all have in common?  It seems so much that is done "for our good" harms us and the stuff they…


    16 members Latest Activity: Nov 9

    So many questions... so much pain... and a constant flow of propaganda.  This recipe for total control and depravity of man is growing darkness of…


    25 members Latest Activity: Nov 20

    Something's Happening Here and we all see it...

    Click the following link to …

  • TPS Site Admin Group

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct 25

    We are here because we do not see the future we wanted before us and we can work together to expose and hinder what is heading our…

  • Barack Hussein Obama The Biggest Fraud In American History!

    24 members Latest Activity: Nov 5

    The Illegal President Obama's Agenda: To Destroy The Constitution, Bankrupt America & Lead it into the hands of the New World Order, for…


    28 members Latest Activity: Oct 25

    We are adding a HELP Group to make The Periled Sea (TPS) pages more user friendly and to assist new members.  We'll be adding more pages to offer…

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