remembering that Christmas is said to be a celebration of the birth of Christ, we looked at the Origins of Christmas.

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Is Christmas atheist rocket fuel? Review the pagan history of our December 25 Christmas traditions and their vast differences with the history of the birth of the true Messiah.


A film that explores the depth of deception we have been feeding our children propegated within the holiday "Christmas". Where did the world get Christmas?...from the Bible, or paganism. Here are astonishing facts which may shock you. Test yourself. How much do you know of the origin of the Christmas tree - of "Santa Claus" - of the mistletoe - of the holly wreath - of the custom of exchanging gifts?

When I was a little boy, I was taught to hang up my stockings on Christmas eve. When I awakened the next morning, they were filled with small toys and sacks or little boxes of candy and nuts. And beside the mantle, from which my stockings hung, a Christmas tree had suddenly appeared, decorated with shiny tinsel. And on it hung presents. Other presents for us children were piled on the floor underneath. I was told Santa Claus had come down the chimney during the night and left all these things.
But did I question what my parents had told me? Of course not. I accepted it - took it all for granted. Didn't you?
Stop and think a moment. Very few have ever reflected on WHY they believe what they do - WHY they follow the customs they do, or from WHERE those customs came. We were born into a world filled with customs. We grew up accepting them without question. Why? Sheep instinct? Well, not exactly. But by nature we do tend to follow the crowd, whether right or wrong. Sheep follow others to the slaughter. Humans ought to check up where they are going. How - WHEN did Christmas originate? Does Christmas REALLY celebrate the birthday of Christ? Was Jesus born on December 25th? Did the original apostles, who knew Jesus personally and were taught by Him, celebrate His birthday on December 25th? Did they celebrate it AT ALL?

If Christmas is the chief of the Christian holidays, WHY do so many non-Christians observe it? Do you know? Why do people exchange presents with family members, friends, relatives, at Christmas time? Was it because the wise men presented gifts to the Christ-child? The answer may surprise you.
Most people have "supposed" a lot of things about Christmas that are not true. But let's quit "supposing" and get the facts!
Enjoy in Truth and SPREAD. God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.

First ask these basic questions to yourself?

1.Does Christianity really celebrate the birthday of Jesus?
2.Was Jesus born on december 25th?
3.Do you know what the Bible says about Christmas?

To find out watch now and share this video far as possible.
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Investigating the origin of Christmas and linking it back to the religion of Babylon (ie: Mystery Babylon).

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This information is shared out of love for you and for our Creator! Please watch with a open mind and prayerful heart...Be willing to set aside anything that is not YAH's will.

People the world over celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons. Some celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas time. Others enjoy Christmas as a time for spending with family and enjoying warm, holiday traditions. The history of Christmas, however, reveals an origin stemming from the darkest depths of paganism and human sacrifice. All of the beloved "traditions" of the modern Christmas celebration give honor to the cruelest, most evil of all the pagan gods, Saturn. All who desire to honor their Creator will leave behind this evil, satanic holiday.

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