Sean Hross: Political Prisoner and Octogon Nazi-Templars of Switzerland

Resurrection after High Security Torture Facility in Prison State Switzerland

Published on Dec 26, 2015

by chatzefratz Stop The Criminal Swiss Nazi Templars of Octogon

The swiss Nazi police arrested me Sean Hross on July 16th 2015 in front of my children for my historical Youtube documentaries about Switzerland`s role in worldwar II. They kept me on a ransom of 20.000 Swiss Francs to pay for my kidnapping by the swiss Nazi state thugs, and my wife bought me out on November 1st. Then on December 21st both her and me got arrested again in front of our children by a whole bunch of these housesearching swiss gangsters of organised swiss crime.

Contact for help and solidarity:

Free Sean Hross!

Issues With Sean Hross:

Condemnation of Sean Hross to 220 Days in Prison for Expressing himself in civilised Ways on Youtube


Sean Hross on Truth Warrior - Switzerland Land Of The Pharaohs

Published on Feb 26, 2015

Sean is a political prisoner in Switzerland and exposer of the pharaonic Templar banking elite in Switzerland. He is most known for his films on youtube The Pharaoh Show, and Octogon The Empire of Darkness. This show exposes the high level organized criminal mafia that funds and creates wars for profit and political control both historically and presently, and the global banking system which declares war on each of us every single day.

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This is very disturbing especially since some of us had been led to believe that Switzerland was THE place to go to remain free.  Also, its clear to see that many who try to share the truth will suffer these atrocities and more at the hands of the beast to come.

Mr Hross however is incorrect in his depiction that the circumcision was an alliance and sign created by Egyptian Pharoahs

Here's a bit of the US history for the Templars

A few days after the first half of the nineteenth century had been told on the dial of time, organized Templar Masonry began its existence in Michigan, to be a colaborer with Lodge and Chapter in diffusing the sublime principles of Masonry, and to shed upon the ancient craft degrees the light and life of the orders of Christian Knighthood.

On the eighth day of January, 1851, the first Commandery was organized in Michigan...

The Knights Templar is a Christian-oriented fraternal organization that was founded in the 11th century.

It's important to understand when they speak of "Christians"  they do it in reference to the Catholic religion as the word Christianity was usurped by Constantine and many evils done thru the false religions.



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