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Many of you are aware that YouTube (YT) actively removes videos and user's channel accounts. When YT takes these actions it leaves gaps in the posts on the site that usually say “removed by user” 

When a video is posted as “add a video” you use the embed code from YT or Vimeo and copy / paste it in the available box. This video is not editable or replaceable if it is removed “by user" (cough, cough).

1) If comments are added to that video post and it is deleted the comments are essentially wasted.

2) If a replacement video is found on YT it can be added under the removed video in the comments but It looks kind of sloppy and subsequent comments can scroll the replacement out of sight.

We have a work around to that issue and would like to get feed back from our Members prior to implementation of this new plan on July 12th, 2012.


Our workaround will be add the video by selecting “Add a blog”instead. You use the same embed code and copy / paste it in the available dialogue box. You then copy / paste the Title of the YT you are adding and then can copy / paste the YT Channel name the description under that prior to saving by clicking Add Discussion.


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This may seem like extra steps but here's some discussion on the advantages to this method:

1) If the video is removed “by user” (cough, cough) it is then a matter of finding another or related topic to replace the embed code through an edit.  This edit can be done by a site admin person or by the member who originally posted the video.

2) You can add up to 6-9 videos as a series in the same post! depending on which size you use, i.e., 480, 560, 640 etc. by adding one embed code below the other in sequence, then add the Channel name/description.

3) We have been added to the feed and our RSS directs them to our “blogs”. With these posts being added as blogs and not videos this information is now fed directly out to possibly thousands of concerned people throughout the world.

It’s basically the same steps except for adding the Title of the Video :-)

A) find the video on youtube, vimeo etc and copy the “embed code”  B) select “add a blog”  C) paste the embed code into the body of the blog page that opens which should show as add video 2, space below yellow square add video 3, etc., etc.  D) space down to below the (final) yellow square... go to the YouTube video and copy / paste the “uploaded by” line and as much of the description as you want to include.  E) go back to the YT and copy / paste the Title to the Title space at the top of the blog.

Copying the Title from YouTube is a suggestion and it helps during site search to cut back on duplicate posts, etc.


We are glad to help you and appreciate all that you do to help share this information with others.

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