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If you want to remove a widget from your Ning Network, just remove the embed code you added to your text box or new page.

Click on the HTML button to see all the code that has been added to the text box.

Embed codes usually begin with , so that's what to look for if you've forgotten what part of your content is the embed code:

Just delete everything in between those two tags. Click "Save" and your widget will be removed.

If you need to remove a JavaScript widget media player, you might need to look for <script> ...</script> tags. 

Too many widgets can cause problems.

If you find yourself unable to save your changes to your text box, you might have too much content in there.

Try copying and saving it to a file on your computer, then delete all of the content in the text box, and start over.



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TPS was created in 2011, in time for our first 9/11 Truth Marathon.  Many thanks to Jim and SkyBlueEyes for helping with the background design and layout and Sky, BP, IC Freedom and others for all the hours spent in the Conference room for our Popcorn & Movie Topic Nights.

You'll find the information and documentary studies in our  Popcorn & Movie Topic Night Archives

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