Huge Glow seen in the Sky before a massive explosion created a giant crater in Siberia

A mysterious crater in Siberia has grown 15 timesits original size since a huge explosion and bright lights were reported in the Area.

In 2013, a huge crater opened in a remote area in Siberia, Russia. Since it mysteriously appeared three years ago, the crater has increased in size more than 15 times. Researchers remain baffled unable to explain its origin. The infamous Taimyr crater is located 300 miles from similar newly-formed holes. The region has been dubbed as the ‘End of the World’ by residents.

Three years ago a mysterious crater appeared on the Taimyr peninsula in Siberia, creating a staggering 300-feet hole in the surface of the Earth. Since it appeared three years ago, the crater has grown 15 times its original size.

“Since the crater was formed in a 2013 blowout, the crater’s size rapidly increased at least 15 times during the next year and a half, according to previously unreported scientific data.” (Source)

In three years, scientists have proposed a number of theories trying to explain why caused the mystery crater to appear and why it has been increasing in size for the past couple of years. The appearance fo the bizarre hole in the surface of the planet has prompted all kinds of theories ranging from gas leakage, missiles, underground bases and aliens.

However, it seems that the mystery behind the enigmatic hole just got a lot more bizarre as a Russian expert revealed that residents have reported hearing an explosion and saw a ‘clear glow’ in the sky.

When the first crater emerged three years ago, debris of displaced oil, dirt, and ice were ejected across an area over half a mile wide. Researchers have attributed the appearance of the enigmatic ‘hole’ to explosions of methane or other types of underground gas.


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Source Cheyenne Macdonald For 

Huge explosion that created a mysterious giant crater in Siberia was heard 100km away and caused a 'clear glow' in the sky

  • Crater opened in 2013 and has since increased size by more than 15 times 
  • It's thought it may have been formed by explosions of underground gas
  • New account reveals locals heard an explosion and saw 'clear glow' in sky

Big bang formed crater causing 'glow in sky': explosion was heard 1...

07 June 2016

Startling new details emerge of the most mysterious of Siberia's newly created giant permafrost holes.

Since the crater was formed in a 2013 blowout, the crater's size rapidly increased at least 15 times during the next year and a half. Picture: Vladimir Epifanov

Huge Siberian crater keeps growing

Source: WBAL11

Updated: 3:07 PM EST Dec 28, 2016

A huge crater in Siberia caused by damage to the permafrost and *global warming has

been growing for years and now is a mile across.                    *"global warming" stricken by TPS

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We are living in a strange time, everyday something new happens.

My first thought was are these target shots from the new "see all" telescopes they put in the sky the past two years

They look to perfect to be natural, agreed. 

what do you know about the Wilkes Land on the Antarctica?  Ill be trying to pull some info on this later too.  My dad did UFO investigations for the military and claimed the UFO were not from outer space but inner.

Operation High Jump is a good place to look for inner earth UFO's. Here is a two part video with tons of information and some you don't want to hear about.



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