Published on Oct 22, 2016

A mosquito-born virus named Mayaro that experts fear may have as big a global health impact as Zika, has been discovered in Haiti.

On January 8, 2015, an 8-year-old boy went to the school clinic for fever and abdominal pain and was diagnosed typhoid. After checking his blood sample, it was found that he had been infected with Mayaro virus.

Mayaro virus is a single-stranded positive RNA virus, mainly transmitted by Haemagogus mosquitoes, but Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, known carrier of Zika virus, may also be vectors. Symptoms of mayaro includes abdominal pain and joint pain, which can last for as long as a year.

The virus was first discovered in Trinidad in 1954. It was then spread to French Guiana, Suriname, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

Little is known about the Mayaro virus at the moment. Doctors in Florida warn that the virus may pose future threats.

1. Mayaro virus transmitted from mosquito to a medical body
2. Depiction of abdominal pain and joint pain; Depiction of joint pain lasts for a year
3. Countries with the virus

VOICEOVER (in English): 
“The Mayaro virus is a single-stranded positive RNA virus, mainly transmitted by mosquitos.”

“Symptoms of Mayaro includes abdominal and joint pain, which can last for as long as a year.”

“The virus was first discovered in Trinidad in 1954. It then spread to French Guiana, Suriname, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Last year, it was discovered in Haiti.”

SOURCES: CDC, US News, Fusion

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OMG joint pain for a year that would be terrible. I missed the chat last night. I hope it went well. I was asked to go to another preppers meeting after some of the group did some research and realized I was right last time. This time I asked for people to open their mind and hold back on their comments until I finish. I talked about how difficult it was to shatter your belief systems and how it has to come in spurts. I did notice that not enough people were following the internet. Anyway It was successful this time and I got home at 12: 30 pacific.   

So glad your second trip was a success! Spurts says it very well and honestly its too much to take in in one gulp.. no worries about last night and now that I have Fridays off for a while maybe I can start opening for Christian Studies and discussions again.

I know it seems odd that not everyone we meet is involved in the internet access we now share and take advantage of but hopefully they will come around before it's no longer an option.  A PDF of links to google etc would be a great help.  Maybe we can pull some together in Topic form.. something to consider anyway :-)

We'll see how it goes and see you when you can stop in.. best to you and those that are coming to the reality of all that is here and heading this way.

Joint pain.. yes it can be very severe but we understand that anything a mosquito can transfer a geo-engineered cloud can too.  Also they title this "Newly Discovered" and then admit its been around since at least 1954 lol..

I too noticed that critical point, now we wait to see who the patent holder is.

Interesting question...


looks like ATCC has both Mayaro & Zika! And apparently its for sale!?!?!

This came up over at NIH when I entered Mayaro into their search feature

interesting that it is unavailable

It's back.. they take it down at will apparantly.

Here's a few highlights:

Animal Capabilities, including species and containment level(s)

Currently available at BSL3/ABSL3 level

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits/ferrets


Existing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approval

  • Tier 1: B. anthracis, botulin toxin-producing strains of Clostridium botulinumBurkholderia pseudomaelliF. tularensisY. pestis
  • Non-Tier 1: C. burnettiB. abortus, suis and melitensis, T2 toxin
  • ​Non-select Agents with BSL-3 containment: Coccidioides immitis, chickungunya virus, dengue virus, heartland virus, O. tsutsugamushi, sindbis virus, mayaro virus.

Animal Models in Development

  • Mouse – Mycobacterium tuberculosis, IN, Aerosol
  • Mouse – Influenza virus HPAI, IN, Aerosol
  • Ferret – Influenza virus, Low and HPAI, IN, Aerosol

Mosquitoes: Maintaining arbovirus-infected (mosquito) vectors in a BSL-3 containment. Dissecting vector tissues, performing virus detection assays on mosquito tissues. Infection includes Chickungunya, oral, IT.; Dengue, oral, IT.; Sindbis, oral, IT.

They have probably gotten so many requests for mayaro they had to be careful what information got leaked.

How crazy what will be the next step Mayaro and Zika spraying every town in the world.

In the 60's-70's when they first began use of the spraying they explained to was for "germ warfare"... by exposing the population to airborne particles they said they could build up our immunity to it.

So now they give us vaccines that give you the disease it was suppose to protect you from. After years of being given so much false information it is hard for your brain computer to to come up with the correct answer, for most people so they just walk away confused. Like our government would care about your immune system.  



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