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Epi-Pen controversy a reminder of all that's wrong with Big Pharma: Editorial

By PennLive Editorial Board

on August 26, 2016

This week, West Virginia-based Mylan Labs, the company that makes the life-saving EpiPen, acted as if it were doing the American public a favor by announcing it will cover a larger portion of the out-of-pocket cost of its injectable anti-allergy medication.

Gee, thanks.

The company, which has owned the rights to the EpiPen since 2007, only offered the discount because of public outrage over revelations that the price of the medication has skyrocketed by 500 percent over the last decade.

A two-pack of the medication now costs a truly offensive $600. And that's put it out of reach of parents, hit with exorbitant co-pays, who have been stocking up as their kids head back to school.

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The Price Explosion For EpiPen’s Is Linked To One Key Gov’t Decision

One Fire Department EMT Has Already Outsmarted The Cost Of EpiPens


by Robert Donachie

One fire department has found an inventive solution to the problem of the soaring costs of EpiPens.

An EpiPen is a lifesaving epinephrine injection device for those suffering from anaphylacic shock–a deadly allergic reaction. The price of the epinephrine inside an EpiPen amounts to just one dollar.

Heather Bresch, the daughter of Sen. Joe Manchin and CEO of Mylan, the company that makes EpiPen’s, has raised the price of EpiPen’s 461 percent since acquiring the drug in 2007. Ms. Bersch, whose company Mylan acquired the mechanism in 2007, has raised of the price of the device from $56.64 to $317.82 in 2015, according to CBS News.

Cary Turner, a thrifty paramedic trainer and EMT coordinator at the Salt Lake City Fire Department, came up with solution to evade the burdensome cost of the EpiPen. Turner, a veteran of the Iraq war, was determined to find a simple solution to curb the cost of acquiring this lifesaving drug without paying for an EpiPen.

Turner devised a prepackaged “kit inside a zippered pouch, that contains a small vial of epinephrine, and a syringe,” reports Salt Lake City’s KUTV. He then lobbied for it’s approval with the Utah Health Department and got his kit approved for EMT agents to carry and administer. The price of Turner’s device is just $3.50 which is in stark contrast to the over $300 EpiPen.

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Is this available to the public.


What I read between the lines is that it's the actually the medication's delivery device that is patented, not the epi.  Epi is available in vile form, where you have to draw it out yourself with a normal syringe (like people do insulin).  It is actually also available in single or double dose non-self injecting forms (in other words just a normal syringe).  People need to bypass the greedy big pharma, do it yourself, instant pen and ask their doctors to prescribe one of the other forms instead.  If enough people did that, it would shut down the epi-pen greedy bastards in a heartbeat! Shame on them for charging $600 for basically a delivery device, when the medicine itself cost less than $5.  There's more than one way to crash the greedy fat cats and this is one I would LOVE to see go down. Most people just don't know it's available in other forms than the Epi-Pen because the doctors who prescribe them get HUGE kickbacks for doing so and don't offer other forms to the public.  The people need to step up on this one.

:)  just my 2 cents, for what it's worth...

I totally agree with you and am very sick of the medical Pharma cartel. 

Medi-Kill system would be accurate too lol  That's what I call it

Depopulation by pharma is my name, every year 225,000 people die from prescriptions given by doctors. That started in in 2001 when they first started keeping track. When chemo therapy is added it goes way higher. There is a site called the pharma death clock that keeps the death toll.

Manchin’s Daughter Justifies $19 Million Salary While Gouging EpiPen Prices: ‘Facts Are Inconvenient to Headlines’ http://freebeacon.com/politics/manchins-daughter-justifies-18-milli...

CEO Who Raised Prices on EpiPen Is Joe Manchin’s Daughter http://freebeacon.com/issues/ceo-who-raised-epipen-prices-joe-manch...



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