Published on Sep 7, 2016

Watch this before buying the new iPhone and / or wireless ear buds.

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Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Cancer?

Article Summary

  • We love our smartphones, but it turns out there are dangers associated with using cell phones.

  • Thousands of studies link cell phone radiation to a long list of serious illnesses – including cancer. Cell phone radiation exposure has been principally linked to two types of brain tumor: gliomas and acoustic neuromas.

  • Cell phone radiation exposure has also been linked to many other cancers, including:

    • Cancer of the Pituitary Gland
    • Thyroid Cancer
    • Melanoma Risk
    • Stem Cell Cancer
    • Parotid Malignant Tumors
    • Leukemia
    • Lymph Node Cancer
    • Multifocal Breast Cancer
    • Eye Cancer
  • In 2015, 190 scientists from 39 nations submitted an appeal to the United Nations, UN member states, and the World Health Organization (WHO) to encourage precautionary measures, to limit EMF exposures, and to educate the public about health risks – particularly to children and pregnant women.

  • The most effective method of protection from cell phone radiation is complete avoidance. If that’s not possible, start by taking these precautionary steps:

    • Limit cell phone calls to those that are absolutely necessary
    • Avoid making or receiving calls in places with bad reception
    • Put your phone on airplane mode when you are not using its wireless functions
    • Avoid carrying your cell phone in your pocket or anywhere on your body when it’s switched on
    • Use earphones, preferably an airtube headset, so you won’t have to put your cell phone close to your head (Note: Do NOT a Bluetooth headset which also emits radiation)
    • Do not take your cell phone into your bedroom at night. If you must, keep it in airplane mode and as far from your head as possible
    • Choose to text instead of calling whenever possible
    • If a long conversation is in place, opt to meet the person directly or call on a land line


The sheeple will run out and buy this new phone and wait in line all night to destroy what is left of their low information brain.



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