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Baltimore City Consent Decree,

USA v. Police Department of Baltimore City, et al.,


Read the 17 page Complaint filed by The United States against the Baltimore Police Department.  It will be interesting to see how this unfolds....

A. Defendants’ Unconstitutional Stops, Searches, and Arrests

B. Defendants’ Discriminatory Policing

C. Defendants’ Use of Excessive Force

D. Defendants Retaliate Against Individuals Who Engage in Constitutionally- Protected Speech

Defendants Retaliate Against Individuals Who Engage in Constitutionally- Protected Speech 44. BPD arrests, detains, uses force, and otherwise retaliates against individuals who criticize BPD or engage in other constitutionally-protected expression. 45. BPD stops and arrests individuals for speech that officers perceive to be rude, critical, or disrespectful. 46. In addition, BPD interferes with individuals attempting to lawfully record police activity. BPD officers seize recording devices without a warrant or probable cause, order individuals to stop recording, and retaliate against individuals filming police activity.

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