"The Lucifer Project" - NASA's Secret Plan to Create a Second Sun in Our Solar System?

nemesis maturity

Published on Mar 5, 2017

A paper titled "The Lucifer Project" has recently emerged which claims that NASA is very likely to deliberately direct the Cassini space probe into Saturn's dense atmosphere where it will destruct.

Will the Cassini Space probe be used as a nuclear trigger to ignite Saturn and terraform its moons for human colonization?

The paper's author contends this will be a secret effort to use the Cassini's plutonium fuel rods as a fission device to generate a runaway nuclear fusion process on Saturn that would trigger the emergence of a new sun. 

The new sun would enable the moons of Saturn to be heated possibly making them suitable for colonization and other uses by humanity. On the other hand, the creation of a new sun would generate a shock wave of hydrogen and other particles that could have devastating effects on Earth.

Like the earlier Galileo probe, Cassini has plutonium fuel rods which upon implosion could create a powerful nuclear fission detonation on Saturn. Due to the 72 lbs of plutonium on Cassini, 50% more than the 48lbs on Galileo, and the less dense atmospheric pressures on Saturn which has only 30% of Jupiter's mass, Saturn is a better host for a runaway nuclear fusion process than Jupiter according to the author of "The Lucifer Project". If Saturn were to be ignited, it would create a gigantic pulse of hydrogen and other particles as up to 10% of its mass was cast off, and would eventually reach the Earth with possibly catastrophic consequences. 

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Clips, images credit: ESO, ESA/HUBBLE, NASA & Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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Whew! If there are ETs from more advanced civilizations maybe they can

intervene in this uber-imperialist scheme. Who do we think we are that

we would do something like that just to see what happens?! 

Psychopaths April, this planet is full of them.

Exactly... look at what they are doing with CERN. I had a friend that was a party pal with some high up masons years ago and they told me they were going to blow up Jupiter.. of courser I just thought they were partying TOO hardy, lol.  

They won't be happy til they destroy our wonderful planet.

Hate to say it but they already have destroyed this planet, I just hope we can save part of it.

Like George Carlin said once, the planet will be fine. WE will not be here. Gaia's gone through a lot, and it makes me wonder if this whole Planet is one of those places like we have created in our deserts where they do stuff -- like nuclear testing etc. -- just to take measurements etc. And go "WWOOOOWWWW!" WE're a sort of cosmic Petri dish. But some of us have done crawled out of the dish. :)



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